About Us

In 2007, founder Mark Cira placed a bet on his vision that marrying dynamic variable data publishing + on-demand print fulfillment + closed loop tracking together with cloud-based CRM would transform how businesses communicate in print.  A course was charted, PrintSF was formed, and a team of top talent was assembled.  One year later, Print Marketing Automation for Salesforce was born with PrintSF’s launch at Dreamforce 2008.

Fast forward and today PrintSF is delivering high impact results to Fortune 500, mid market and SMB customers alike who deliver millions of in-hand, tactile communications annually which are personalized, sent and tracked via Salesforce and Salesforce-integrated marketing automation platforms.

PrintSF  delivers unique value to our customers via our deep expertise in BOTH Salesforce.com AND print marketing automation.   While your legacy print vendor struggles to grasp custom objects, workflows and triggers, we’ll be speaking your language and sharing 7 years of best practices learned in the trenches.

Our customers will tell you PrintSF is more a partner than an “app”.   They will describe us as a valued extension of their team that optimizes Salesforce + print marketing to deliver more productivity, more leads, more live connects & appointments, more renewals, more loyalty & retention, and all around more results.  Our team includes certified Salesforce administrators, developers and consultants, and the best Adobe personalized print engineers in the business.  We combine that expertise with our robust print automation platform to deliver customized solutions and programs tailored to your unique goals & requirements.

We’re truly passionate about what we do, and about the real business value we deliver to our customers.  So just reach out, and let’s talk about the possibilities!