The #1 Salesforce Direct Mail Platform Now Mails In Canada!

Send360 makes sending direct mail, gifts & kits as easy as email - and now in BOTH Canada AND the USA. Since 2009, we’re the #1 most installed direct mail solution on the AppExchange with millions of in-hand touches automated & tracked in Salesforce®.

With Send360, it’s never been easier to automate letters, cards, gifts & kits with 360 degree integration and tracking.  Our turnkey platform in Salesforce® makes it simple and scalable, and now support mailings in BOTH Canada AND the U.S.

 Millions of in-hand mailers, gifts & kits delivered for Salesforce customers like:

Trigger & Send Programmatic Direct Mail Just Like Email

Fully automate and trigger highly targeted direct mail sends just like email, SMS and other digital communications. Send 1 or thousands, triggered or via Campaigns and Reports.

Higher Response & ROI with 1:1 Personalization & Live Proofing

Increase response & ROI with personalized images, messages – even French vs. English languages - record by record in Salesforce, and with real time proofs to speed execution and reduce back and forth.

Better Data with Address Verification & Correction in Salesforce.

All address verification and postal data processing happens right in Salesforce. Stop exporting out to siloed processes with disconnected print and mail vendors. And with address corrections optionally updated to your records in Salesforce.

Total Customer 360 Visibility with Native Reports & Dashboards.

With real time analytics in native Salesforce reports and dashboards, everything is track-able and a seamless part of your Customer 360 view.

Your Direct Mail Easy Button

Send360 is fast and easy to deploy so you can start sending immediately, with low start up costs and no long-term contracts.