Upload Designs & Artwork

To publish a new dynamic Template, designs should conform to our Template Guides and be created and submitted in Adobe InDesign format and uploaded as a PACKAGED INDESIGN FILE (unless we’ve advised you PDF or other format will suffice).

Use the InDesign “File > Package…” function to package your InDesign files which will ZIP them and include all fonts and images. At your option, you may ZIP up multiple packaged files into a combined ZIP file.

Once your files are uploaded, we will add a support “Case” specific to your request and you will receive a “Case Opened” email confirmation, and then a “Case Closed” email once the Template is available for your review from within your Salesforce/Send360 instance. We will contact you with any questions along the way.

For help at any time, contact [email protected] or 866.799.4773 x102.

Note: Publishing your designs as customizable, dynamic Templates requires an Enterprise Edition subscription. For more information, email [email protected] or call 866.799.4773 x101.